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There are two factories of Wonderful-wall,namely wonderful-wall new materials Corp., Ltd in Zhejiang and wonderful-wall colour coating aluminum science technology Co., Ltd in Anhui.

We have a total of 7 high-grade coating production lines at home and abroad, accordingly have 10 cutting & shearing  production lines, 2 aluminum composite panel production lines, 

1 three-color printing production line, 1 embossing production line, and 2 insulation board production line, including sets of coating production line and composite production line from Japan, 

as well as the further produced facilities from Germany. 

There are 3 sheet metal product lines of soild aluminum sheet, 3 coating production lines. And we also have 5 Automatic NCT punchs, 8 CNC engraving machines, 11 CNC bending machines and 9 hydrolic shearing machines. And using the most advanced airbrush named Randburg high voltage electrostatic airbrush introduced from Japan to ensure even-textured film thickness and good electrostatic effect; using Shoei burner also introduced from Japan in drying oven to ensure the uniform temperature and reduce chromatism at the greatest extent.
Strength leading
Wonderful-wall New Materials Co., Ltd is one of the producer and processor in industry of Asia with the biggest scale, the most complete specifications, the most advanced equipment and the most comprehensive strength. Their production capacity is respectively 60000MT/year of color coated aluminum coils, 80000MT/year of color coated steel coils, 2 million㎡/year of solid aluminum sheets, 1.5million㎡/year of aluminum composite panels, and 1.0million㎡/year of insulation integrated cladding system.
  • Color Coating Production Line ( E )
  • Color Coating Production Line ( B )
  • Color Coating Production Line ( A )
  • Color Coating Production Line ( An'hui 1#2# )
  • Color Coating Production Line ( An'hui 3#4# )
  • Cutting production Line
  • Sheet Metal Production Line
  • Spray Coating Production Line
  • Metal Insulation Intergrated Board Production Line
    Aluminum Composite Panel
    Solid Aluminum Sheet
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