about us
Alucosuper Wish
Green lead life, integration to create the future

Alucosuper mission: to become a metal cladding material, integrated curtain wall system to solve the overall program of experts

Dedication and commitment is to make possibilities out of the impossible.

The commitment of Jinggong team is demonstrated in their sense of responsibility, their task orientation and meticulousness. To do everything well everyday; to find ways to success; never resort to excuses for failure; make everything possible.

Be sincere to others, for you can only move others when you have done something to move yourselves.

Be honest to yourself. Sincerity and honesty serves as the golden rule of dealing with people and business. Be more patient, modest, tolerate and compassionate. Honor our promises to clients, staff and ourselves. Reach our clients, colleagues, friends and family by our sense of responsibility and moving actions.

Dare to take responsibilities
This is not only concerned with the sense of responsibility that we pursue, but the spirit of daring and capabilities of shouldering liabilities we are endowed with. Regardless of whether it is for obligations or generosity; we will assume the responsibilities for the benefits of Jinggong. This is most encouraged, even at the price of occasional mistakes. No finger-pointing is understandable in this sense.
Dare to initiatives
This does not lie in the normal sense of innovations. The courage of doing something unparalleled and taking the road under-taken is advisable. Be persistent and adventurous. Never be afraid of failure. Only with the spirit of doing the undoable can we incredibly achieve what is supposed to be impossible.
Keep promises
Fulfill our promises to clients and staff. Be truthful in speech and resolute in action.
Be meticulous
Being meticulous and responsible, and doing our best to strive to perfect diligently in every detail.
Cooperate with one another as a team
We advocate team work, aim to strike a delicated, dedicatory and doughty team, make full play the initiative, wisdom and power of the masses. Only perfect team, no perfect individual.
Be willing to contribute to the company
Somehow, never forget the spirit of dedication and always set Jinggong's interests to the first. Any place, anytime. Only ensure corporate interests, our individual life will have power to turn the ordinary into the sublime.
From the beginning to the growth, from China to the world wall 20 years, continue to explore, explore the future